Our terroir

Preserved terroirs

The terroir of the Costières de Nîmes, a natural link between the western Rhône river and the Languedoc region, is particularly rough with no surrounding hill for greenery to grow, and nothing to stop the Mistral, a strong wind which blows all year round. So, whenever a grapevine managed to grow in that region, it is for quite a long time. The local climate gives it a very specific character, as sturdy as the character of the people born there.

At Rapatel, the vine adapted itself perfectly and settled in the arid soil. The sandstone, which is a very typical kind of soil in the region, is composed of smoothed pebbles and is the most widely spread surface ; although it is found side by side with swampy pieces of land. Gérard Eyraud cultivates the vines using phytotherapy which enhances biodiversity and preserves the soils that can genuinely give their best grapes.

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