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Our wines at the Domaine de Rapatel

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Grande Signature Rouge

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - La Grande Signature Rouge

2008 - Red - 75cl

This blend of traditional red grape varieties cultivated in that region is very characteristic of Gérard Eyraud’s style and that of Rapatel. It is the reflection of his passionate character and good taste.


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Petite Signature Rouge

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - La Petite Signature Rouge

2004 - Red - 75cl

The sensuality of this concentrated red wine is straiking, and produced with the ripest grapes. It is very well balanced and sustained by the acidity of the vintage, naturally softened throughout the years.

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Rapatel Rouge

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - Rapatel Rouge

2006 - Red - 75cl

So much personality and sweetness in a bottle of « Vin de Pays » has never been seen before ! Sometimes languid, sometimes intense, this red always provides a cheerful addition to the table.


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Clos Cyril

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - Clos Cyril

2000 - Red - 75cl

This rather unusual cuvée is characterized by a well-fruited palate that keeps it fresh in spite of its 10 years vintage. Undoubtedly, it will be at its apogee for the next two to three years.


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Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - c-SY-RA-re

2007 - Red - 75cl

A concentration of spices and ripeness embodied in a rich purple colour which evokes that sweet yet masculine touch so characteristic of the estate…


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Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - Sein-Seau

2007 - Rouge - 75cl

That wine is full of extraordinary sensuality, like a beautiful girl from Carmargue who would seduce you at the very first glance with her dark brown eyes full of passion.


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Petit Journal de Rapatel

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - Le Petit Journal de Rapatel

2007 - Rouge - 75cl

Its very high concentration of overripened grapes makes this wine quite mild. It goes perfectly with desserts, and also exquisitely compliments spicy dishes.


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