The cellar

In the cellar : in the intimacy of the man and his grapes

Each parcel is harvested and vinified separately. Maturation in glassfibre and concrete vats lasts several years and it can take up to 5 years for some cuvées to be selected.

It is only after such long years that Gerard decides whether a cuvée shall finally be created or not. The wines that don’t meet Gérard’s high expectations won’t appear on the list of the “Grande Signature”, grand cru produced on the estate ; the unselected vines remain in the vats as long as is needed.

Sometimes, Gérard loses patience with the grapes. Just as with a passionate love affair it may be essential to get some space for a while in order to know each other better and forge new and everlasting bonds.

At Rapatel wines are born from the union of pure grapes and passion. No yeast, no sulfur dioxide and no wood are used in the winemaking process. Gérard Eyraud’s unique style, his spirit, personality and sensuality, indefinable yet distinctive, can be experienced in each bottle from the estate.

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