The domain

The somewhat turbulent history of Rapatel ...

The Domain of Rapatel was built in 1905 by Gérard Eyraud’s grandfather who wanted to produce his own wine and to raise Nîmes lambs on the land which was once the site of a farm serving an ancient monastery. The domain takes its name from the Catalan word meaning « hot sun ».

Naturally, this rather fitting name has been kept throughout the years. The late 1950’s were a turning-point in the history of the property after the state bought up half of the domain and turned it into an airport (now known as Garons Airport). Overwhelmed by this turn of events, Gérard’s grandfather passed away and his father inherited the estate. Subsequently, lambs were exchanged for open field truck farming, and wine trading gave way to a cooperative.

In 1979, Gérard took over the estate. He was so in love with the land that the only possible course of action he could see was to give it back to nature, without ever soiling it with chemicals. Ten years later, he put his name on the first bottles of his cuvée.

Prior to that, Gérard lived another life. The way he rears his vines tell many things about his past as a bull fighter, living by combining both war and art. In opening a bottle, the sparkle of an opera is released, with the strength of a tenor and the delicacy and smoothness of great music.

Gérard embodies elegantly two typical assets of the region, strength and refinement, which can often be found represented on the blade of a traditional Camargue knife.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health. Please consume in moderation.
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