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Our wines at the Domaine de Rapatel

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Grande Signature Blanc

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - La Grande Signature Blanc

2008 - Dry white - 75cl

This excellent and tremendously tasteful cuvée owes its minerality and slight acidity to the soils of the area of the Costières de Nîmes. Nevertheless the mildness of candied fruit is still discernable.

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Petite Signature Blanc

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - La Petite Signature Blanc

2004 - Dry white - 75cl

Not as exuberant as the Grande Signature, the Petite Signature is very well balanced. Note first its well-rounded flavor and the hint of candied fruit, giving it a honey-sweet taste.


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Rapatel Blanc

Vallée du Rhône - Domaine de Rapatel - Rapatel Blanc

2006 - Dry white - 75cl

This unpretentious white has all the qualities of a great wine ! Remarkable for its strong character and presence, it goes well with white meats and spicy dishes. It also adds a little smoothness and the comfortable warmth of the Rapatel sun.

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